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Mental Abilities
Having a Mental Ablility is the capacity to use your mind to influence things outside your body.  There are many components and levels of expertise to Mental Abilities in general so they will be covered here.  Specific Mental Abilities will be covered on their own pages.

Facets of Mental Abilities in General:
All of mental abilities possible for anyone to learn ( if they have a high enough Mind Capacity, see Character Generation ) are divided into different groups or "Branches" of Mental Abilities.  These Branches can be found on the Mental Abilities List.

So if your character takes the "Control" Branch of abilities, he or she will start out learning the 1st Stage or Level abilities of that branch.  Now unlike most other games, each ability is not a cookie cutter formula, i.e. "Mental Attack" always costs 20 fatigue, always does 40 points of damage and always can reach targets 50 feet away... 

Many components of each ability (i.e. power/damage, range, duration) can be manipulated by the character within the limits of the characters Mind Power Score, etc...  While this makes for an amazing number of combinations, it also really slows down the game while the player (and therefore the character) has to figure out how many points needs to be put into each component.  Therefore, each character can practice or train different configurations of each ability and so during combat etc... they can just use the ability the player has called "Mental Attack - Max Damage" or "Mental Attack - Max Range". 

These Trained Abilities start out with zero Experience Points (or XP) and a Proficiency of "Secondary".  Each Trained Ability then gains its own experience points the more it is used, and depending on the characters Wisdom, it will progress to be a "Primary" Trained Ability, and then on to being "Second Nature".  This increase in proficiency gives several advantages such as in combat if two combatants are both using mental abilities (MA) the results of the one with the higher proficiency are calculated and take effect before those of the lower.  Also Primary abilities take half of the fatigue of a Secondary (but give all of the XP), and Second Nature abilities take half of the fatigue of a Primary with full XP.

There is one more Proficiency rating that is called "Innate", which cannot be attained by gaining XP.  This rating only applies to abilities characters were "born with" that get determined during character generation.  These abilities can only have four variations (or combinations of components) that can be considered "Innate", and they receive full XP while only costing half the fatigue (ftg) of a Second Nature ability.  Another advantage of having an Innate ability is that if you take the Branch your ability is in, all abilities you train in that Branch start out at the Primary Proficiency, and taking that Branch costs you one less branch point than usual ( see Character Generation ).

Example:  If you get "Heal Others" as an Innate ability it would cost your character 1/8th the fatigue (ftg) of the base ability, you could get the Healing Branch of Abilities for one Branch point instead of two, and when you train "Stop Simple Poison" it starts out at a "Primary" Proficiency rating instead of "Secondary".

See Components of a Mental Ability for more information onf Mental Abilities